Vote Yes

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RCAS has a very lengthy and comprehensive plan for future building and remodeling. I would encourage anyone who thinks “there is no plan” to attend one of the informational meetings held throughout our community. Not only has the plan been heavily modified, trimming any fat that would have been present, but also addressing sustainability so that an investment today will be heavily rewarded in the future.

Perhaps most importantly, energy efficiency is addressed. The new schools will have better insulation, windows, and building material. Through heat recovery methods, geothermal design, utilization of wind energy, and updated lighting, the schools will consume much less energy. In addition to saving on energy, the buildings and remodels have been designed with low maintenance material.

The updating of our schools is perhaps one of the most important steps we as a community can take in moving us all forward. Rapid City tomorrow will only be what we create for our youth today. I would much rather build today with the future in mind rather than chance tomorrow. One thing is for sure, costs of construction, material, land, and education will certainly cost more, later.

I’m voting Yes RCAS. There’s a plan, a good one.  

Joe Hockett
RCS Construction Business Development Manager

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