Robbinsdale Park Improvement

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RCS Construction is excited to announce the completion of Robbinsdale Park Drainage Improvement, Walking Path, BMX Design Build Track, and Baseball Fields.

Working with Rapid City Parks and Rec, the City of Rapid City, Sperlich Engineering, Stanley Design Group, Tall Grass, Rapid City BMX and Harney Little League, the project was multi-faceted.  

The project had multiple phases.  Improvement to the drainage of the park and fields.  Addition of walking paths, and improvements to the BMX Track and the Baseball Fields.

RCS Construction began working on the Robbinsdale Park project in August 2017 and completed the project in May 2018.

The project had four phases to it, first, the grading and drainage had to be addressed in the park itself.  Then the Harney Little League fields and the BMX track needed to have a facelift, hauling in soil and a great deal of excavating and site improvements were done.  Next sidewalk paths, paving, curb and gutter work were completed.  Finally seeding and landscaping.  A lot of earth was excavated, and the park is ready for the summer fun.

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