Woodstave Penstock - Awarded Project

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Last week, RCS Construction, Inc. was awarded the Woodstave Penstock Replacement Project in Spearfish, South Dakota. This project will consist of the replacement of: two woodstave penstocks with high-density polyethylene pipe; the improvements of the penstock drain system; fencing; gates; and the abandonment of two 42" woodstave penstocks. Woodstave penstocks were the original method for transporting water from a body of water into hydroelectric power plants. If you haven't seen one before, we encourage you to look up woodstave penstocks, it's pretty cool! Click here to read the article the Black Hills Pioneer wrote about the project.  Click "Read More" below to view more project details.

Project Information:
Project Name: Woodstave Penstock Replacement Project
Project Location: Spearfish, South Dakota
Owner: City of Spearfish
Contract Amount: $699,534.23

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